پنجشنبه: 1403/04/28

Rules of Eating and Drinking


2633. Birds like which have claws like eagle, are Haraam to eat and swallow birds are Halal. As per obligatory precaution, one should avoid eating the meat of woodpecker.

2634. If a part, which possesses life, is removed from the body of a living animal, for example, if the tail or some flesh is removed from the body of a living sheep, it is Najis and Haraam to eat.  

2635. There are fifteen things, which is Haraam to eat from an animal whose meat is Halal to eat:

(I) Blood. (II) Excrement.  (III) Male sex organ. (IV) Female genital. (V) Womb. (VI) Glands, (which is on the head of an animal, between the horns). (VII) Testicles. (VIII) Pituitary gland, a ductless gland in the brain. (IX) The marrow, which is in the spinal cord. (X) The two wide (yellow) nerves which are on both sides of the spinal cord. (XI) Gall bladder. (XII) Spleen. (XIII) Urinary bladder. (XIV) Eye balls. (XV) As per obligatory precaution, a gland which lies in between the hoof of an animal and it is also called Zat Al- Ashaje’.

2636. It is Haraam to eat filthy things i.e. things from which are undesirable to humans in general. However, if it is Pak and if some quantity of it is mixed with something, which is Halal in such a way that people consider it as vanished; there is no objection in eating it.

2637. It is Haraam to eat earth. However, eating a small quantity of the clay of the Shrine of Imam Husain (A.S.) as a medication.

2638. It is not Haraam to swallow the mucus (liquid running from the nose) and phlegm, which have not come in one’s mouth. However, phlegm from the nose and chest, which has entered one’s mouth as per obligatory precaution, one should avoid swallowing it. Swallowing the food, which comes out from in-between the teeth at


the time of tooth picking, if it is favourable to the human nature, there is no objection in it.

2639. It is Haraam to eat harmful thing. However, if the harm caused is minute and people does not pay attention to it, it is not Haraam.

2640. It is Makrooh to eat the meat of a horse, a mule or a donkey. If a person has sexual intercourse with them, those animals and their offspring become Haraam also, and their urine and dung becomes Najis. Such animals should be taken out of the city and should be sold at some other place. Moreover, as for the person who committed the sexual intercourse with the animal, it will be necessary to give its price to the owner.


2641. If a person commits sexual intercourse with an animal like cow and sheep, the meat of which is lawful to eat and is usually consumed, its and its offspring’s urine and excrement becomes Najis, and it is also Haraam to eat their meat, and to drink their milk. Similarly, will be the case with their offspring. Whether intercourse done is vaginal or anal, whether that person is a minor or an adult, learned or ignorant, with a free will or was forced, whether that animal is male or female, such an animal should be instantly killed and burnt, and one, who has had sexual intercourse with the animal, should pay its price to its owner.  


2642. Drinking alcoholic beverage is Haraam, and in some traditions (Hadiths), it has been declared as among the greatest sins and if someone considers it Halal, he is a Kafir. It had been narrated that Imam Ja'far Sadiq (A.S.) said, "Alcohol is the root of evils and sins. A person who drinks alcohol loses his sanity. At that time, he does not know Allah, does not fear committing any sin, does not preserve the honour of anyone, does not respects the rights of his close ones, and does not desist from committing evil openly. The spirit of faith and piety departs from him and only the impure and vicious spirit, which is far off from the Mercy of Allah, remains in his body. Allah, His angels, His prophets and the true believers curse such a man, and his daily prayers are not accepted for forty days. On the Day of Judgement his face will be dark, and his tongue will come out of his mouth, the saliva will fall on his chest and he will desperately complain of thirst".



2643. To sit at that table where people are drinking alcohol is Haraam, if one would be reckoned among them and similarly, it is Haraam to eat at that table.


2644. The meat which is brought from a Non – Muslim nation and it is not slaughtered according to the Shari’ah, it will be considered Najis and it is Haraam to eat it. Moreover, its sale and purchase is also not allowed and written note and the words of a person who is not reliable or unknown does not have any credibility according to the Shari’ah.


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