سه شنبه: 1403/03/8

Instance where it is Mustahab for a person to avoid performing an act, which invalidates a fast


1758. It is Mustahab for the following persons that even if they may not be fasting; they should refrain from those acts, in the month of Ramadhan, which invalidate a fast.

First. A traveler who has committed an act during his journey which makes a fast void and reaches his hometown or the place where he intends to stay for ten days before Zuhr.

Secondly. A traveler who reaches home or at a place where he intends to stay for ten days after Zuhr.

Thirdly. A patient who recovers before Zuhr and he has committed such an act, which invalidate a fast.

Fourthly. A patient who have recovered after Zuhr.


Fifthly. A woman who becomes Pak from Haidh or Nifas during daytime.

Sixthly. If a non-believer becomes Muslim after Zuhr or becomes a Muslim before Zuhr however he had performed such an act which invalidates a fast.

1759. It is Mustahab that a person breaks his fast after offering Maghrib and ‘Isha prayers. However, if someone is waiting for him or if he feels terribly inclined to eat, so much that he cannot concentrate on the prayers, it is better that he should break his fast first and then offer the prayers. However, as far as possible, he should try to offer the prayers during the prime time (Waqt – e – Fadheelat).





Tuesday / 28 May / 2024

Islamic Laws (Taudheeh Al-Masail)