سه شنبه: 1403/03/8

Rules regarding return (Ruju’)


2533. In the case of a revocable divorce a man can take back his wife in two ways:

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Irrevocable (Baa’in) and revocable (Rij’e) divorce


2531. Irrevocable (Baa’in) divorce means that after the divorce, the husband is not entitled to take back his wife, that is, he is not entitled to take her as his wife without Nikah. This divorce is of five kinds, namely:


‘Iddah (waiting period) of a woman whose husband has died



‘Iddah of Divorce


2519. A wife who is under nine and who is in her menopause will not be required to observe any waiting period or ‘Iddah. It means that, even if the husband has had sexual intercourse with her, she can remarry immediately after being divorced.




2507. A man who divorces his wife must be adult and sane, and he should divorce of his own free will, therefore, if someone compels him to divorce his wife, that divorce will be void. It is also necessary that a man seriously intends to divorce; therefore, if he pronounces the formula of divorce jokingly, the divorce will not be valid.


Miscellaneous rules regarding nursing a child


2498. It is recommended that a woman avoids suckling any and every child, because it is possible that she may forget as to which of them she has suckled, and later the two persons, who are Mahram to each other, may contract marriage.


How to breast feed a child


2496. The child’s mother is the best person to suckle a child. It is better that she does not claim any reward from her husband for suckling the child, although it is good that he should reward her for that. However, if the mother demands more payment for suckling than a wet – nurse, her husband can entrust the child to the wet – nurse.


Conditions of suckling which causes to be Mahram


2483. The following are the eight conditions under which suckling child becomes the cause of being Mahram.


Rules regarding suckling a child


2473. If a woman suckles a child with the conditions which will be mentioned in rule 2483, that child becomes Mahram of the following persons:


Miscellaneous rules concerning marriage


2452. If a person gets entangled in Haraam acts owing to his not having a wife, it is obligatory for him to marry.

2453. If the husband makes it a condition before Nikah, that the woman should be a virgin, and it transpires after Nikah that she is not virgin, he can deduct and take the difference between the Mahr usually paid for a virgin woman and the one who is not a virgin. And as per precautionary measures, if he wants to separate from her, he should divorce her. 



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