دوشنبه: 25/تير/1403 (الاثنين: 8/محرم/1446)

V. Letting Dust Reach One's Throat


1612. Allowing thick dust to reach one's throat makes one's fast void, whether the dust is of something which is Halal to eat, like flour, or of something which is Haraam to consume, like dust or mud, and as per obligatory precaution, one should not allow thin dust also.

1613. If thick dust is whipped up by the wind and in spite of taking notice of it he does not avoids it, allowing the dust to reach his throat, his fast becomes void.

1614. As an obligatory precaution, a person who is observing a fast should not allow the smoke of cigarettes, tobacco, and other similar things to reach his throat.

1615. If a person does not take care to prevent dust, vapours, smoke, and likes of it from entering his throat, and if he was quiet sure that these things would not reach his throat, his fast is in order.

1616. If a person forgets that he is fasting and does not exercise care, or if dust or any other similar thing enters his throat involuntarily, his fast does not become void and if possible, he should take it out.