سه شنبه: 8/خرد/1403 (الثلاثاء: 20/ذو القعدة/1445)

IX. Vomiting


1655. If a fasting person intentionally vomits, his fast becomes void, though he may have been obliged to do so on account of sickness. However, if one vomits forgetfully or involuntarily, there is no objection in it.

1656. If a person eats something at night knowing that it will involuntarily cause vomiting during the daytime, as per recommended precaution, he should give the Qadha of that fast.


1657. If a fasting person can stop vomiting without causing any harm or inconvenience to himself, he should refrain from it.

1658. If a fly enters the throat of a fasting person, if it is possible, he should take it out and his fast will not become void. However, if he knows that this will cause vomiting, it is not obligatory for him to take the fly out and his fast will be in order.

1659. If a person swallows something by mistake and remembers, before it reaches the stomach, that he is fasting, if it is possible, he should throw it out and his fast is in order.

1660. If a fasting person is certain that if he burps, something will come out from the throat, he should not burp intentionally, and if he is not sure about it, as per obligatory precaution, he should not burp.

1661. If a fasting person burps and something comes to his throat or into the mouth, he should spit it out, and if it is swallowed unintentionally, his fast is in order.

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